death of a fellow livejournal-er

was anyone friends with luxwasthelast ?? i found out she died in April. me and her were friends for years and years on live journal and even talked over AIM and e-mailed each other at one point. I believe the last thing she said to me ever was " fuck you" but we still were live journal friends after that and would comment once in a blue moon. i can't stop thinking about it and i am in mourning even though we weren't that close anymore and only were for awhile but i followed her life and deepest thoughts for 4+ years.. can't help but feel something. i was looking at some of her last entries and it's crazy to see that someone who was so present in the world is no longer here and it all happened in a blink of an eye.
makes you think about your actions in this life.

rip annie rigle.

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